Crybully feminists triggered by Google App that estimated calories burned from walking around… “fat shaming” accusation reveal stunning stupidity of the Left

Doing its part to help combat the obesity epidemic that has swept the nation (and much of the rest of the developed world, for that matter), Google recently decided to incorporate a new feature into Google Maps for iPhone that informs users as to how many calories they can burn by walking or biking to their destinations rather than driving there or taking the bus. It was an innocent attempt to educate the public about the benefits of staying active, and as to be expected, oversized, leftist feminazis were violently triggered by it.

What could possibly be so offensive about an app feature that helps people to get healthier, you might be asking yourself? Well, the now-removed module in Google Maps apparently used mini cupcakes as the standard of measure in informing users about the number of calories they could burn – mini cupcakes representing a widely recognized unhealthy food that Google assumed most people can relate to, as opposed to arbitrary calorie counts. But suggesting that fat people might be consuming mini cupcakes is apparently deeply offensive to crybully feminists.

As relayed by PJ Media, the left-wing media rag Jezebel was among the first to chastise Google for using mini cupcakes as the standard of measure for burning calories. Several days of whining and crying later, and Google relented to the demands of Jezebel and its feminist cohort by pulling the app add-on entirely, including the reference to mini cupcakes. No longer can Google Maps users see how many calories they burn by walking or biking, all thanks to the triggered little snowflakes who simply could not stand the thought of other people possibly assuming that they might enjoy some cake and frosting every now and again.

“Quantifying a vague measure like calories into something that people can understand is … bigoted? How dare a company try to combat the obesity epidemic in this country!” comments Tom Knighton from PJ Media. “[W]hat’s so horrible about quantifying calories into a food that everyone knows? Particularly one that people associate with being unhealthy, anyway?”

U.K. media outlet says ‘Generation Snowflake’ feminists ‘can’t cope with being offended’

Nowhere in the world is it a human right to not be offended. But in today’s hyper-sensitive “snowflake” culture, the expectation is that anything and everything that might possibly offend someones be restricted or made unlawful. In this case, a couple of overweight busybodies took it upon themselves to raise hell about a mobile phone function, and a major multinational corporation caved.

The U.K. media outlet The Sun last year declared these types of people to represent “Generation Snowflake,” which it described as a group of “hysterical young women who can’t cope with being offended.” It was actually a British think tank that came up with this classification, whose members represent an affront to free speech anywhere and everywhere they go.

Those who belong to Generation Snowflake “believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable,” according to Claire Fox from the Institute of Ideas. Particularly at colleges and universities in the U.K. and the U.S., “cabals of young women,” she says, are “dead set on banning anything they find remotely offensive.”

“It makes me sad that these teens and 20-somethings have become so fearful that they believe a dissenting opinion can pose such a serious threat,” Fox wrote in an article that was published by the DailyMail Online.

Fox says she has witnessed multiple outbursts from snowflakes who engaged in mob behavior to get what they want. Rather than form an argument and engage with others, snowflakes prefer to yell and scream and go ballistic until everyone around them capitulates to their insanity – what Fox describes as a “belligerent sense of entitlement.” This, of course, describes to a T the readers and editorial staff of Jezebel who made much out of nothing in bullying Google into banning mini cupcakes from Google Maps.

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