Burn out those bi’s and tri’s with this extreme fitness workout

(MensFitnessFocus.com) Nothing looks better in summer than “sun’s out, guns out!” Blasting those arms is not only satisfying to the soul, but massive arms give us the strength to do so many other exercises using a lot more weight.

Some trainers will tell you to work your bi’s and tri’s separately. Others recommend working back with bi’s, and chest with tri’s. Both recommendations are fine and throughout the course of a training year, you should most definitely change up your routines.

But you  can work both of the together to get an awesome pump in every part of your arm, as long as you do enough of each to maximize the pump.

And that’s what this routine is designed to do. This routine interchanges both biceps and triceps, working both muscle groups alternately. And these will be ascending, then descending sets in terms of weight. So start low, work up to your 6-8 rep max, then back down again.

For strength and mass, here goes:

45-minute circuit:

— Preacher curls (12, 10, 8, 6, 8, 10, 12 reps)

— Tricep extensions (12, 10, 8, 6, 10, 12)

Alternate these two exercises; do curls then extensions.

— Dips (weighted) – begin without weight, then add 25 lb plate for one set; 35 lb plate for 2 sets; 45 lb plate for 2 sets; 35 lb plate for 2 sets; 25 lb plate for 1 set; finish without a plate to exhaustion

— Standing dumbbell curls (20 lb x 1 set; 25 lb x 2 sets; 30 lbs x 3; 25 lb x 2; 20 x 2)



— 5 treadmill sprints (10 mph)

Heritage Whey Protein ( 300 x 250 )


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