Solved! How to enjoy holiday food without sacrificing your health

The solution is to enjoy holiday food by eating mindfully. When you eat mindfully, your level of enjoyment increases and you are more likely to fill up on less.

And this is just the beginning of mindful eating benefits. Laura Dawn, author of Mindful Eating for Dummies, reveals more benefits associated with the eating strategy that makes more common sense than any other. Mindful eating may be the solution to every weight loss issue.

According to Dawn, mindful eating is not a quick fix, but a long-term solution for lasting health and well being.

To eat mindfully, you simply must be present while eating. No more autopilot snacking or munching away while the television occupies most of your attention. When you’re fully present and aware while eating, you actually enjoy your food and realize when it’s time to stop.

Dawn suggests mindful eating is a path to create more choice, end cravings, break bad eating habits, lose weight and even develop more trust in yourself.

These benefits are possible because, as you tune your conscious awareness into the eating process, you gain the ability to make more conscious choices. You’re more likely to become aware when you are full simply choose to stop eating.

When it’s time to party during the holidays, go for it! Just party mindfully. Fully enjoy holiday food, one mindful bite at a time. And notice yourself naturally lose the urge to pig out. Who knows, you may even drop weight during the holidays this year.

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