Sugar makes you sick, and science just proved it

Sugar doesn’t have to make you fat to make you sick — at least, that’s what researchers say.

According to a study recently published in the journal Obesity, chronic diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and type-2 diabetes in children used to be rare. Children didn’t use to have serious risk factors for heart disease either, but somewhere along the line, things have changed. Now, these types of diseases are becoming quite prevalent in children, as well as adults.

Some children who suffer from these diseases are overweight or obese, but a significant number of them are not. That means the onset of these conditions is not purely weight-based. As it turns out, sugar can lead to these types of health problems, even if the stereotypical weight gain isn’t present.

When these manufacturers tell you their cereal is healthy because one serving contains only about 150 calories with skim milk, they’re neglecting to tell you that it still contains as much sugar as a chocolate bar. They’re missing the point that health isn’t just about a certain number of calories per day. You could eat nothing but chocolate and hot dogs and maintain your present weight, as long as you keep your calorie intake the same. Will you still be healthy? No. You’d probably feel pretty sick after just a few days because, obviously, all you had was sugar.

That’s what excess sugar intake does. It makes you sick. It goes unnoticed because the normalcy of lethargy, disease and obesity has been so deeply ingrained into our society’s thinking. It’s time to change this mindset, before it’s too late.


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